COMMON PEOPLE has the Stephen Fry Seal of Approval

stephen fryIt’s always great to see a brilliant indie film get the recognition it deserves, but I still think this has to be one of the best bits of deserved acclaim I’ve seen.

The beautiful and exceedingly charming British indie film Common People recently received the seal of approval from none other than Mr Stephen Fry himself.

The comedian and all around national treasure watched the film while it was being shown for possible Bafta nominations.

Sadly the film didn’t get any nominations, which in my mind is a really great shame for what is one of my favourite films of last year (it ranked 5th on our top ten list of 2014), but I think the following words from Fry can make up for Bafta’s mistake:

Common People’ is a rare gem, the kind that makes you thrilled to have discovered it. With no real expectations I started to watch this wonderful film, expecting a gentle reflective hour and a half – but “Common People” is so much more than that. With beautiful performances and a quiet firmness it pushes you to an understanding of human motive and love that is intensely moving and highly rewarding. I recommend this so highly.”

Check out more about Common People over on their site and if you want to watch it yourself, and you really should, then you can find it in multiple places.


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